Singing the Line into Existence

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The Driver of the 8.15

Walter Malcolm Neil McEachern (1 April 1883 – 17 January 1945)
was a noted Australian bass singer who enjoyed a successful career in the United Kingdom, both as a concert soloist and as one half of the comic musical duo Flotsam and Jetsam.


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Connecting Times – Dancing Memories

Not everyone has an old gramophone to hand, I quite like the idea of using modern HD video equipment to film and share experiences with these old machines, tapping into distant shared memories and somehow connecting the present to the past through the technologies.
I think theres an interesting relationship between trains and gramophones too, maybe it’s because of the way they both appeal to collectors, perhaps through an appreciation of quality workmanship, or it might just be because they have things that go round and round….

Pont Llanio & Derry Ormond will almost certainly not be rebuilt and reopened with the new Carmarthen – Aberystwyth railway line.  They are amazing relics fading into the stunning landscape, once at the heart of the community providing vital services to the area, they now provide shelter for wildlife and storage for agricultural objects.

Likewise the Gwili Railway covers a route unsuitable for modern purposes but being in such a beautiful area is entirely suitable for a visitor attraction.