Singing the Line into Existence

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Keeping on Track

So our crowdfunding campaign has ended and unfortunately we didnt meet our goal….BIG BIG thanks to all of you who contributed, you are great and are now listed on our thanks page!

But we really believe in this project and are not giving up!

Undeterred we are applying for funding for the project

Please share our project widely and keep people talking, help connect us all through art and better, greener transport everywhere!

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Launching this weekend!

We are very excited to be launching our fundraising campaign this weekend!

So the publicity is starting, we have a facebook page, a twitter account, and most important of all the Indiegogo page where you can donate to the project (please click and share!)  IS NOW LIVE!

Yesterday we went out to with photographer Marc Hayes to get some publicity photos.

We loved them all but thought these were the best

Press Photos

it was so hard to choose which to send out to the papers though, we decided to ask our supporters what they thought, what do you think? 
Visit the album on our facebook page and like the photo you think we should use!