Singing the Line into Existence

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Russ's drawings

We did it! 56 miles over two days from Carmarthen to Aberystwyth! we walked and drove (yes felt a bit cheating to us too, but a lot of the land was privately owned) we braved the bad weather, and overgrown terrain, we pushed through sore ankles, wet feet, wet clothes and cold hands.
The experience was absolutely awesome and well worth it, I have never walked that far before and or in the name of art. We walked with focus and purpose to move the body, embrace the present and reflect on the past, and to basically stay on the right track.
The rest of the story will be written on the walk the line blog HERE

10974310_10155226561265203_7686360680108085089_oluo on the track

joanna in Llaniliar

What an adventure!

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