Singing the Line into Existence

Summer Steam over, waiting for Autumn electric!

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Over the summer I have had a busy time making and selling my ceramics at a Llanrannog farmers market held every Wednesday morning, situated so close to the beach that I could collect stones to way- down my business cards. Awesome! While all the time singing the line into existences by collecting signatures for the petition and talking about our project.

10403140_641666729256267_5419989087281837553_nlove trains love fairs!
The craft fair at Borth station and museum was a great event and a perfect location for me. met lots of lovely people, and towards the end of the day I plucked up the courage to ask a  gypsy jazz band who where playing on the station for a jam, I sang a train song while beats were drummed plucked and clapped out, to sound like a train. Best railway jam so far!!


Love trains love fairs, what a perfect combination!


Jamming on the station


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