Singing the Line into Existence

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Singing the Line into Existence

Liz Whittaker

Singing the Line into Existence

Singing the Line Into Existence, is an incredibly imaginative and exciting art project in the making, set up by a group of local artists. As yet it is in the early stages and they are  seeking Crowdfunding as a way of raising money to get the whole thing done.. The group are determined to get what is really an important multi-discipline project off the ground and are doing their best to raise £8,000 to put their ideas into action.

There has been a movement for some time to see the rail line from Carmarthen to Aberystwyth re-opened, and it would have a profoundly beneficial effect on the whole of West Wales. It would be great from a green perspective, and it would re-connect places that have been virtually out of touch for years. Until people come to this area they have no idea of the vast spaces between towns and…

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A Carmarthen to Aberystwyth train waits in the down platform of Llanpumpsaint station in the 1960s. 7826 was built at Swindon works by British Railways in December 1950 to the C.B.Collett Manor design of the GWR. Named ‘Longworth Manor’, this 4-6-0 was one of a class of 30 and had a working life of less than 15 years, being withdrawn from Cardiff East Dock shed in April 1965 and cut up at Birds of Bynea (Carmarthenshire) in July of that year.
Photo from Mike Morant collection

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Launching this weekend!

We are very excited to be launching our fundraising campaign this weekend!

So the publicity is starting, we have a facebook page, a twitter account, and most important of all the Indiegogo page where you can donate to the project (please click and share!)  IS NOW LIVE!

Yesterday we went out to with photographer Marc Hayes to get some publicity photos.

We loved them all but thought these were the best

Press Photos

it was so hard to choose which to send out to the papers though, we decided to ask our supporters what they thought, what do you think? 
Visit the album on our facebook page and like the photo you think we should use!